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I've just had the cutest and at the same time strange dream last night!

I was @ the coffee shop reading my favorite novel by Nicholas Sparks while seriously contemplating why on Earth everyone has a companion and i dont...

And there's this one particular couple PDA-ying galore in front of me, they sit so close to each other their noses touched every once and again.. i began to feel annoyed so i just took out my celphone and began to type something. It was what I usually do when i feel self conscious, alone! The worst thing was to look alone, even worse to look uncomfortable that way.

Then after an hour or so, I decided to leave when suddenly I recognized a familiar face from afar. He had the softest eyes i had ever seen, the kind that usually owned by actors like Tom Welling and that Jullian guy from a korea novela my mom used to watch. His smile kinda gave him an air of innocence that suits him well if you know what i mean.

So i decided to stay for a while and as i watched him with fascination... he sat there, pulled open the screen of his blue iMac and began to type something... I was almost sure he was writing fiction. He had that look as if he where somewhere else and barely knew that every girl who passed by his table look at him with showed interest.

After a better portion of 30 minutes, he closed his screen, looked straight to where i was sitting and began to collect his things....

I watched but didn't dare to breathe as he rose and made his way to my booth. When he finally stood before me, holding his coffee mug... i felt weird coz somehow I expected him to be wearing a gold ring on his wedding finger. I waited if he's going to clink it on his mug - like an old habit but surprisingly there was no ring there.

And as if he knew - he tapped his finger all the same. And he raised his eyebrows as if to say "hey i know that you know"

And then........ i woke up!!!!!!!!

It was like a dream that you want to went on and on and on but then you had to wake up!!!!!

The odd thing about most dreams is that no matter how vivid they are at the time, the details are usually forgotten shortly after you wake up. But then again, there are dreams that are striking enough for the mood, if not for the specifics to stick with you the entire day but you have no idea what it means to you and to your life and.... ohw okay, so i kinda know what it means... i took Psyche101 in college. Although, im not as good as Sigmund Freud to interpret my dreams accurately....

I guess, it was about unresolved feelings or forbidden desire which im trying hard enough to decipher... I wish i studied divination or something... feeling Madame Auring anyone????

Posted by gilmorgirl 19:26

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